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As parents, you have questions about what is good, normal, or safe for your children. Below, you can find resources that address some of the common issues we are often asked about.
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A healthy child is a happy child!
Almouie Pediatrics embraces the rich diversity of Western medicine with alternative medicine. As such, we encourage parents to be proactive in their child's overall health to prevent disease and illness. In conjunction with MaxLife Super Nutrition, we provide nutritional counseling, vitamin therapies, dietary supplements, and other alternative solutions to develop and maintain a healthier body and lifestyle.
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Doctor-formulated homeopathic medicinal support; fish oils, and natural herbal remedies.

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Doctor- formulated homeopathic medicinal support for internal treatment; topical herbal or homeopathic skin care regimens.

Herbal/homeopathic solutions for colic; multi-vitamin/mineral supplements; immune support

Vitamins; minerals; herbal/homeopathic solutions

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Protein shakes; herbal cleanses; herbal/homeopathic supplements; greens; fiber; meal replacements